Driving Efficiency

with Automated WISMO

(Where Is My Order) using Oracle CRM & OpenMethods’ PopFlow

OpenMethods’ PopFlow with Oracle CRM is enabling contact centers to quickly automate WISMO information and workflows cutting AHT in half

With COVID-19 driving shipping volumes, WISMO inquiries have significantly grown in volume. Automating and streamlining WISMO interactions has become a top priority for contact centers

Over the past few years,

WISMO average handle times

have at least doubled, given the increasing complexity of fulfillment strategies

Multi-site Fulfillment

Ship from Store

Drop Shipping

Ship to Store

In-home Service

Multiple Carriers

Average handle times are driven by agents having to access so many systems and workflows to answer the seemingly simple question

“Where is my order?”


Supply Chain

Logistics Providers

Service Scheduling

Store Systems

3rd Party Vendors

Order Management

30-50+% Reduction


For many of the largest contact centers, PopFlow and Oracle CRM are quickly cutting WISMO average handle time by 30-50+% through the full automation of WISMO data integration and workflows.

In real-time, during a customer interaction, PopFlow utilizes all contextual customer information (phone number, IVR data, orders, history) to pop the relevant data and execute workflows in Oracle CRM so the agent immediately has right information to answer the question of “Where is my order?”

Customer Information

WISMO Data & Workflows

• Phone Number

• IVR Data

• Orders

• History

• Tracking

• Service Scheduling

• Logistics Mgmt.

• Order Mgmt.

Enabling dozens of automated WISMO use cases is fast and simple utilizing PopFlow Studio, a visual drag and drop designer that automates the design, test, and deployment of screenpops and workflows

Experience Matters Episode 1

See how PopFlows "Pop Search and Select" activity can easily display Order Status/WISMO (Where is My Order) information for your agent.  Giving them the Single Pane of Glass ability your contact center needs!

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